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Transman/woman console gamers.

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12/29/07 08:47 pm - invisible_ninja - Xbox Live?

I just ordered an Xbox 360 and was wondering if anyone here had a live account? It would be nice to play with some other trans people. I don't have an account just yet, I'm still waiting on it to get here. Damn UPS!!!!!!

4/23/07 08:24 pm - doni_dyke01

I discovered something recently. A game that I love dearly is a sequel, and the prequel is a computer game (the psx version, I guess, is only available in Japan). Well, that game is Skullmonkeys, and it's prequel is The Neverhood. Does anyone have a copy they're willing to part with, or would be willing to burn onto a disc? I unfortunately can't pay for it.

10/23/06 03:26 pm - kret_reborn - Bully for the PS2, Cooking Mama for DS, future games for PS3.

So the time has come for another update. For those of you who aren't dead, here are some games to look out for:

Bully for Playstation 2: (In stores now.) Play as Jimmy Hopkins, a young malcontent attempting to find his way at his new school, Bullworth Academy. The decision is yours: Will you help the bullies, preps, jocks, nerds, or solely yourself? Will you focus on getting girls, skipping school and avoiding the prefects, or causing schoolwide mischief? It might sound stupid to some of you, but remember that this is in the irreverent tradition of the "Brat Pack" movies of the 80's. It doesn't take itself very seriously. The gameplay is amazing, it's actually a polished "GTA: San Andreas" engine. There are tons of possibilities in this new game by Rockstar, but it's only for the PS2 so if you don't have one, you're out of luck.

Bully review by GameSpot.com (More about the story than the mechanics than the next preview, Game Informer did a multi-page exclusive two issues ago that covered everything already. If requested, I can scan it for you.)
Bully review by GameInformer.com
Bully media at GameInformer.com

Trailer for Bully

Cooking Mama for Nintendo DS: (In stores now.) I have seen this game described many ways, but my favorite is "Martha Stewart meets Warioware Touched". Unfortunately, the reviews I've read aren't the best due to some actions not being recognized by the game and the scoring too consistent; one small error counts just as much as a large one. However, it has also been noted that it has it's fun aspects and you won't be disappointed as long as you don't expect too much. I guess that's all we can reasonably ask from a game that basically makes you do the same thing over and over. :\ It's cute, if that affects your decision to buy it. Expect to see this title on the Nintendo Wii in February 2007.

Cooking Mama review by GameSpot.com
Cooking Mama media at GameInformer.com (Game Informer hasn't posted it's Cooking Mama review on the website, but it was given a 6.5 in the last issue. If requested, I can scan it for you.)

Video of Cooking Mama in action.

New Media for the Playstation 3: Go here to see the latest screenshots and footage of your favorite upcoming Playstation 3 games from Sony PlayStation3 Gamers Day. List of games:

- Blast Factor
- Cash Carnage Chaos
- Call of Duty 3
- F1: Championship Edition
- fl0w
- Full Auto: Battlelines
- Genji: Days of the Blade
- Grand Turismo HD
- Hot Shots Golf 5
- Lair
- Lemmings 2
- Madden NFL 07
- Marvel Ultimate Alliance
- Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
- Motorstorm
- NBA 2K7
- NBA Live 07
- Need for Speed: Carbon
- NHL 2K7
- Rainbow Six Vegas
- Resistance: Fall of Man
- Ridge Racer 7
- Sonic the Hedgehog
- Stranglehold
- Go! Sodoku
- Go! Swizzleblock 2
- Tony Hawk's Project 8
- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
- Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
- Unreal Tournament 2007
- Virtua Fighter 5
- Virtua Tennis 3

That's my update this time around. I hope you'll share with us the games that make you excited, too.


9/15/06 11:28 am - kret_reborn

Guess what just hit American shores. The new coral pink Nintendo DS Lite!

It has been a few days since LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy was released, and it has claimed all of my free time. (Which isn't much, but if you cut out meals...) I strongly urge all Star Wars fanatics to pick this one up. Hell, if you just like either Lego OR Star Wars, it's still a fun and involving play. It has 2-player co-op (Maybe more? I haven't tried.), you get to ride in landspeeders, AT-ST chicken walkers, and if you unlock the "Use Old Save" option, you can load all of the characters and levels from the first LEGO Star Wars game!

I own it for the XBOX, my best friend owns it for the PS2 and says it's pretty much the same except for minor graphical details. (Our TVs are for shit though, so we might not be all that accurate on judging graphics.) It is currently also out for the XBOX 360, PC and the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS one I also own, and it's...weird. The non-portable versions seem to stick to the movie, the DS version's cutscenes are all that stays true to form. That was to be expected. :\ There is also a DS wireless mode, but you can't even play unless all parties involved have the cart. I don't know if it's out for PSP, but if it's not, it probably will be later.

That's pretty much all I have to say for now. A little tidbit for Star Wars fans though, if you haven't picked up the newly released Limited Edition Star Wars Trilogy DVDs, choose your store carefully as they all have different exclusive packs. Walmart sells the DVDs individually packaged with their appropriate Star Wars comic books; Best Buy sells all three DVDs together in a collectible tin, and if Target has anything I don't know it. Consider all options. :)

8/20/06 09:02 am - kret_reborn - Games to keep an eye out for!

Hey everyone. I was browsing gameinformer.com, and I found some items that are worth getting excited over. I thought I would share, since I remembered that I could vent my excitement into this community. (Feel free to do the same!)

Star Wars Lethal Alliance for PSP/DS

Contact for the DS

The Nintendo DS Browser

Saint's Row for XBOX 360 (I wish I had the console just for this game.)

Bully for the PS2

Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales for PC

Tony Hawk's Project 8

Titan Quest for PC (It's out already, I'm just excited to buy it.)

And last but not least, the first concrete photos of the PS3 (and controllers) for those interested.


8/9/06 01:35 pm - doni_dyke01

So, I was thinking of getting Shining Force Neo and Final Fantasy IX. Has anyone played these two games (besides their demos), because I'd like to know whether to stay away or go ahead and get them.

6/5/06 10:59 pm - kret_reborn - Trade in your regular DS!

Just to let you all know, if you trade in your DS to EB Games, you get $50 store credit. Perfect to put towards a new DS Lite! In fact, today and tomorrow, EB Games is giving $70 store credit! Don't believe me? Click here! I don't believe you need that coupon, as my friend Eric and I went tonight and got the extra $20 credit when we turned our DSes in.

I'm glad they let me keep it's leash. I'm going to miss it. :(

Anyway, trade away!

(Don't know about the Nintendo DS Lite? Here and here are some great links for you to see.)

6/4/06 11:26 am - pandagenma - Coin-Ops

I thought you guys might like to take a look at some of the work I’ve been doing making arcade cabinets. I have a dedicated Ikaruga (Dreamcast) cocktail table cabinet that I’m trying to finish up. Go to http://www.carabear.net and click Coin-Ops on the left! ^_^

I’m really glad this community got started. I love dedicated hardware/consoles and could talk about them all day!

(My LJ userpic is the Konami Viper board.)

6/4/06 03:28 pm - shadowavenger - My wishlist

1. DDR metal dancing platform
2. GP2X
3. Nintendo Wii
4. Sega Nomad
5. WonderSwan SwanCrystal
6. DS Lite
7. Sonic Riders
8. 4Gamers Sports Board
9. Dancing Stage: Mario Mix
10. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

I also need to repair or replace my Saturn, Dreamcast and N-Gage. *pokes the broken consoles*

6/4/06 09:52 am - kittymink

wishlist: in no order and I can't think to add any links without just googling but...

1. Nintendo Wii
2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (should get SSB for Gamecube)
3. Gamecube GBA player
4. PSP with modchip, if it works, so I can use most recent firmware AND homebrew
5. DS Lite
6. A new DDR controller, will probably get a platform
7. Metal Slug Anthology for Wii
8. Metal Slug for Sega Saturn, still would like this, would help round out my Saturn collection
9. Neo-Geo console or arcade system
10. More Saturn games
11. A white Japanese Saturn (have grey Japanese mk1 and black American mk2)
12. Hello Kitty Dreamcast
13. Ikaruga (sp?)
14. Bangai-oh
15. PS3, if that is the only system that they will make the next Virtua Fighter for, otherwise I may pass.
16. Taito arcade games
17. and semi-neglected Sega classics re-released and/or remade for next-gen systems, esp. Wii, stuff like:
Burning Rangers
Space Harrier
Super GT (aka Scud Race?)
Fighting Vipers
Panzer Dragoon
Space Channel 5
Jet Set Radio, Dreamcast one is still one of my favourites...

maybe a decent Sonic game, the Wii one might be it and the DS one is supposed to be good

and I want all the new Mario games.

6/4/06 02:01 am - doni_dyke01

Consoles I want:

Sony Playstation 3
Nintindo Gameboy Pocket
Nintindo Gameboy Advanced
Nintindo Entertainment System

Games I want:

Super Mario Brothers 3
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Castlevania: Sympathy of the Night
Legend of Zelda
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 2
Crash Bandicoot 3

There's more, but I can't think of them at the moment.

6/3/06 12:11 am - kret_reborn - Wishlists.

I figured that I could get this community started with a theme. The theme until further notice is WISHLISTS. Anybody who wants to join in this theme, just post a list of games/consoles/peripherals that they want, with links to photos or articles of the product. (If you don't want to do a theme post, that's cool too.) I'll start us off.

1. Nintendo DS Lite
2. The New Super Mario Bros.
3. Guitar Hero 2
4. Alienware Aurora: Star Wars Edition (Light Side)
5. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC or XBOX 360)
6. Daigasso! Band Brothers (Jam With The Band)
7. Yoshi's Island 2
8. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
9. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
10. Super Mario Galaxy

Go ahead, make an introductory post with your wishlist. :)


6/2/06 01:24 pm - kret_reborn - Welcome to transconsole!

This is a community for self-made men and women that are also console gamers. Feel free to discuss, post articles and updates, read, post pictures (under LJ cuts), and the like.

1. No flaming.

If you're looking for MMORPG gamers, try transgamers.

Official Links
Nintendo Entertainment of America
Playstation Global
Microsoft XBOX
SNK Neo-Geo

Codes/Cheats/Hints Links
Cheat Code Central

Magazine Links
Game Informer
Nintendo Power (Official)
Official XBOX Magazine
Independent Playstation Magazine
Electronic Gaming Monthly

Have fun.

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