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Trade in your regular DS!

Just to let you all know, if you trade in your DS to EB Games, you get $50 store credit. Perfect to put towards a new DS Lite! In fact, today and tomorrow, EB Games is giving $70 store credit! Don't believe me? Click here! I don't believe you need that coupon, as my friend Eric and I went tonight and got the extra $20 credit when we turned our DSes in.

I'm glad they let me keep it's leash. I'm going to miss it. :(

Anyway, trade away!

(Don't know about the Nintendo DS Lite? Here and here are some great links for you to see.)
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I was not aware of this. Thanks for the tip! Old DS banished.
Did you get the $70 trade-in credit? I'm curious to see how many people actively went and got it. I know some of EB Games/GameStop's sales aren't in all of the stores nationwide.
Yes, and it's worth noting that it's credit only. If you want cash you only get the (really crappy) old price. The $70 for a used DS was close enough to eBay prices that I felt the trade-off was worthwhile.
I agree, in my post I put that it's store credit. Cash they always skimp on, but they're a great company, so I totally have no problem when it comes to buying from them exclusively. That said, I do agree that $70 is close enough to the price of a used DS on eBay, and that's the only reason I turned it in for that price. I wasn't about to part with it for $50, I placed an ad on the hospital's bulletin board selling mine for $70, throwing in Ping Pals and Sprung for free.

However, I think I got like $5-10 store credit on those crappy games, so I feel better. :)
I won't get getting a DS Lite until I have some free spending room. I have intended to trade in Goldeneye, though. That game fucking sucks. Serves me right for buying an EA game, I guess.